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This is a list of some of the rules on Polymart. However, this is not a legal document, and this list is not exclusive or exhaustive. This list of rules is for convenience purposes only, and does not require that Polymart moderate, police, or otherwise monitor submissions. Polymart specifically disclaims any such requirements. Your use of Polymart is governed exclusively by the Terms of Service, and not by this list of rules. Please see

  1. Just be a good human
  2. General Rules
    1. Keep all content respectful and appropriate.
    2. Racism, sexism, or other forms of bigotry are strictly prohibited.
    3. Any form of trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, or being overly aggressive towards other users it not permitted.
    4. Discussion or distribution of illegal content is not permitted in any form.
    5. Any photos you post or upload as your user profile picture, profile header, resource thumbnail, or resource header must be rated G or PG.

  3. Rules for Resources
    1. All resources you post must be entirely your original work, or you must have obtained explicit permission from the original author before posting the resource
    2. All resources should be high-quality, and have a high-quality, in-depth description (especially for paid resources). Take a look at some of the most downloaded resources for inspiration
    3. If your resource requires an internet connection to work (this includes license servers), you must specifically and visibly notify users in your resource description. We recommend that you use Polymart's Developer API
    4. You may not post any resources that are harmful to servers in any way. This includes forceop plugins or plugins that purposefully slow down the server.
    5. If you have any form of an anti-piracy system, your plugin must not damage the server in any way, even if it is detected that the resource is pirated. For example, sending messages to players or disabling the plugin is fine, but corrupting worlds or other damage is NOT ok
    6. Uploaded files may not be password protected. Password-protecting a zip file doesn't do anything to deter leakers, because they'll just get the password and remove it before leaking your resource. If you would like to prevent leakers, use Polymart's Advanced placeholders and Developer API
    7. If you want to post on Polymart, don't encourage potential users to download or purchase your resource elsewhere. Of course, you can link to another page to show that your resource is reputable, or to provide more details about your resource, just use common sense.
    8. Examples
      • It's NOT OK to have a "buy" button on your resource page that re-directs to another marketplace or a personal website to purchase the resource. Instead, use Insert > Purchase Button in the description editor to insert a Polymart purchase button
      • It's NOT OK to have a "click to see more products" banner on your resource page that re-directs to another marketplace or personal website to purchase or download the resource. Instead, link to your personal Polymart profile! The one exception is if you're linking to a personal website / portfolio, and that website links back to Polymart for purchasing or downloading your resource.
      • It IS OK (and encouraged!) to include a link to a wiki, image gallery, video walkthrough, or other place that showcases your resource. Just make sure to include a link back to your Polymart page to download / purchase the resource!
      • In general, it's ok when it's clear that the sole purpose of the link is to provide more information or more context about your resource. But, if it's obvious that the link is just trying to get traffic to another website, that's not ok. If you want to post on Polymart, use Polymart to its full potential!

  4. Rules for Chat
    1. Just be a good person, and you should be fine
    2. All images must be rated G or PG. If you post a NSFW image, you may be permanently IP banned.
    3. Don't spam or flood chats with random or useless messages
    4. Do not advertise anything unless it is directly related to the discussion.
    5. If you do advertise something, make sure to mention that you are advertising it. And, if you created it, make sure to mention that as well (no shilling)
These rules may be updated from time to time, with or without notice. This list is not exclusive or exhaustive. Your use of Polymart is governed exclusively by the Terms of Service. You must read and agree to the Terms of Service before signing up for an account or posting a resource.